Gone are the days of gazing into the glittering windows of New York's most famous jewelry store, bodega coffee and croissant in hand. Audrey Hepburn wannabes can now, literally, have breakfast at Tiffany's and they don't care how long they wait.

The much-hyped Blue Box Café at Tiffany & Co.'s flagship location opened its doors on Friday morning, after a VIP bash welcoming the A-list likes of Olivia Wilde and Riley Keough for a first look.

Plebs, however, weren't so lucky when it came to snagging a seat on the day of its debut. According to the New York Post, anxious eaters had already formed a line around the block by 10 am, and, as the cafe is reservation-free, nobody had any idea how long they'd be waiting in the cold.

"It might be 40 minutes, it might be 2 hours, but I’m going in," one fan of the film told the Post.

With prix fixe breakfast, lunch, and high tea menus set for $29, $39, and $49, respectively, the not-so-pricey experience really might be worth camping out for. Because after all, an Instagram is priceless.

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[Photo via Tiffany & Co.]