Grill Up A Raoul's Secret Burger At Home With Their New Kit!

by Christie Grimm · June 8, 2020

    While I hate to hear of any restaurant permanently closing because of the pandemic, there is a small list that lives in my heart bearing a few names that if they were to close, would set me off on a certifiable, existential crisis.

    One such establishment? Raoul's. The Prince Street bistro has been the coolest of cool spots since opening in 1975. But they aren't just perpetually packed because of their scene - their menu is beyond a doubt one of the most delicious in the city. While just about every table in the dining room is ordering their famous Steak Au Poivre, there is always a line of people outside waiting for the doors to open at 5:30PM for the chance of grabbing one of their secret burgers.

    In normal, non-potentially-apocolyptic times they only dish out a few each night, on a first-come, first-serve basis - but now, what has long been toted as the Best Burger In NYC, is available chez vous! Their Burger Au Poivre Kit costs $99 and comes with everything you need to assemble four of your very own beefy masterpieces - buttery Challah buns, peppercorn crusted brisket blend patties, St Andre cheese, and luxurious Cognac and cream-laden Au Poivre sauce.

    For all you steak die-hards, worry not, they're also offering a Steak Au Poivre Kit for two. The perfect date night situation.

    Not looking to get romantic and just want to get straight to the deal here? You can also stock your pantry with jars and jars of their Au Poivre Sauce.

    [Photos via @raoulsrestaurantnyc]