Rice to Riches

by guestofaguest · June 19, 2007

    Sunday night, after dinner at Balthazar, we headed over to the much talked about Rice to Riches  

    37 Spring Street between Mott and Mulberry St.
    We have been hearing about this place that " specializes in a blistering new dessert phenomenon...that has broken tradition and has given RICE PUDDING a make over" for awhile now.  After being more than a bit skeptical, (rice pudding? isn't that the large cottage-cheese-looking lump that grandma would accidentally set out on the dessert table at Christmas?), this place is magical. With over 20 flavors each day including sex, drugs, and rocky road, the edge of rum reason, coconut coma, and chocolate chip flirt, and really cool looking resealable packaging, this place's creative marketing team hit jackpot.  ricetoriches_2

    It's like a meatier version of the Baskin Robbin's experience, complete with as many "taste tests" as your little heart desires (though there is a maximum of 500 per customer)


    Mischief (shown above) was our favorite with buttered graham cracker toppings on top.  This stuff tastes so good that it has to be soooo bad for you.  And, while they aren't sharing their secret ingredients, don't say they didn't warn you, there's a sign at the checkout reading "every calorie consummed here is yours to keep".