Screw Restaurant Week! Go Here For New York's Best Cheap Eats

by Roxana Hernandez · July 14, 2011

    Thank you, world economy. In times like these you have to save your pennies, count your nickels, turn your underwear inside out and - JUST KIDDING- and eat cheap. Forget about Restaurant Week because if you haven't noticed, the food isn't getting any cheaper. If the 40$ price tag is still too expensive, we've got the solution. In fact,  there are so many amazing inexpensive meals to be had it wasn't easy picking out our favorite. So stop stealing your co-workers  lunch from the office refrigerator and start reading.


    Known for it's elusive and mighty burek pies, this Balkan restaurant is the Garment-Districts little secret, located right on West 38th street. Known for it's titanic sized Burek Pies which are freshly made throughout the day are the best and biggest in the city. Each pie is sublimely priced at $4 and whether it's ground beef or spinach and cheese each bite gets better and better.


    Pommes Frites

    You wont find many seats here but you will find the best authentic Belgian fries or as the Belgians call them, "Pommes Frites."  Self-indulgent and pleasurable, these pomme frites are freshly fried potatoes, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, leaving two word to describe them: perfect and cheap ($5 for a small and $8 for a double). Now that you know how incredible these fries are, it's time to throw out that ketchup and start trying out the 26 exotic dipping sauces they have.

    The Halal Guys

    I'm pretty sure you've heard all the horror stories about street-meat, food carts, or halal. But The Halal Guys', located on 53rd and 6th, combination of chicken and rice is heaven in your mouth. If you're a newbie to street meat or a loyal customer at a different cart I INSIST you try this succulent blossom cause I'm sure you'll never go back to your old food cart. Priced at $7, there's nothing better than Chicken and Rice from the Halal Guys.

    Pio Pio

    No one can resist the allure of rotisserie chicken but Pio Pio is a different story. It's addicting. I've come to conclusion that Pio Pio has to sprinkle crack over their chicken because there isn't another place that has me literally dreaming about eating. It's addicting green sauce and melt in your mouth chicken is simply the best Peruvian chicken ever made. But let's get real here, the best part about this haven is The Matador Combo (chicken, rice and beans, tostones, salchipapa (fries and little hot dogs) and avocado salad) that can feed a small army with just $30.


    If you're not paying attention you'll completely walk past Greenwich Village's little secret. But you'll soon realize it once you see all the hipsters sitting on brownstones eating something wrapped in foil. It's fast, cheap and perhaps the best falafel sandwich in Manhattan. I suggest going there anytime besides lunchtime cause the line will be around the block. But if you do decide to go at lunch time the line goes quick and the middle eastern music will entertain you. Oh and did I mention that it's only 2.95?