Skip The Brunch Line: Under-The-Radar Options Right Near The Trendy Spots

There is nothing at the end of a line that's worth waiting for. Harsh a rule as that may seem, waiting is the worst. Standing awkwardly in a restaurant's entryway, shuffling to let people pass, getting hit with the door every time someone enters or leaves, with nothing to do but count the minutes the hostess quoted you until you'll be sat, minutes whose numbers are the world's biggest lie since every hostess blindly makes them up, throwing out a 30 here and tossing a 45 there. And with the insane popularity of brunch in this city, Sunday morning waits are so bad you basically need to eat breakfast beforehand just to tide yourself over. So, the next time you try for one of these go-to brunch spots, don't weather the wait, there are plenty of other places just around the corner.

[Photos via @jackswifefreda, @duykambodinh]