From the charming Australian duo behind Banter in Greenwich Village comes new sister spot Sonnyboy, a cheery meets stylish interpretation of the beloved Australian Cafe concept.

Having originally toured the 65 Rivington Street space years back when on the hunt for a location to house Banter, Joshua Evans, Nick Duckworth and the rest of the team were brought back to the Lower East Side in a serendipitous twist of fate which saw them offered the opportunity to open a new project.

Sonnyboy has an almost diner-ish layout, a long welcoming bar spans the space, with tables peppering the perimeter. One wall features a Basic Instinct-esque series of modern art by Australian artist Stephen Baker, with another decorated with pieces by Mexican artist Luisa Salas, making for an atmosphere just as fitting of an early morning breakfast as a night out on the town (they'll be open for dinner service starting this Friday, February 15th).

No matter the meal, this place is prime to become everyone's favorite, worst-kept secret. The weekend brunch lines are already forming, so you'd best get in while you can. Though we'd have to say, the food is definitely worth the ever-quoted "15-20 minute" wait. Their creative, no-nonsense menu features a thoughtful edit of delicious dishes - I'd highly recommend the Harissa Folded Eggs, and if you leave without a slice of the Banana Bread, you've 100% done it all wrong.

Click through for a first look inside!

Sonnyboy, 65 Rivington Street

[Photo via @aguynamedpatrick]