Prepare for the show stopping sugary treats and the disturbingly cute latte art you never knew you needed. Downtown's latest sweet spot, aptly named Sweet Moment, is prime to be the next Instagram sensation. 

Pigs, bears and puppies smile up cheekily from mugs of chocolate, matcha and red velvet "creamarts," their artfully decorated La Colombe cold brews. Bingsus tower high with mangos, cereal, oreos, you name it - a Korean shaved ice dish brought to a new level here with such flavors as Soybean, Matcha Cheesecake, Black Sesame Redbean, and Strawberry.

Flip through for a look at the new kid in town. Just be ready to get yourself down to Mott Street as quickly as possible. We mean, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, served in a grapefruit?!

[Photo via @eatingwithminnie, @sweetmomentnyc]