Sweet Sweet Tailor

by guestofaguest · August 30, 2007

    So Sam Mason's Tailor is finally starting to kindof open at 525 Broome st. Mr. Mason is of course the renowned pastry chef from WD-50s.  After all the hoopla we will be the ones dying to try his unusual creations.  What's all the fuss about? "The big idea at Tailor: to blur preconceived notions of what a drinks/dinner/dessert experience should entail." (from UrbanDaddy).  He is mixing things like foie gras with peanut butter.  We are big fans of the whole salty/sweet idea, and while many think this place will fall on its ass after one month, we are going to be on the optimistic side.  Eater posted the menu which is broken up in 3 categories: sweet dishes, salty dishes, and cocktails.   At least we know the desserts and drinks will be okay (he took Even Freeman with him to run the drink menu). 

    TAILOR SALTY DISHES Foie gras, chocolate, peanut butter, pear, $15 Mackerel, avocado-pistachio, watermelon, black olive, $14 Peeky toe crab, smoked pineapple, basil, $14 Duck tartar, marjoram pesto, cherry, $12 Pork belly, miso butterscotch, artichoke, $14 Passionfruit poached char, lime pickle, coconut, $12

    SWEET DISHES Tomato-peach, black sesame ice cream, lime, shiso, $11 Caramel panna cotta, corn sorbet, chocolate soil, $11 Local blueberries, yogurt ice cream, black olive cake, $11 Meyer lemon curd, blackberry, basil meringue, $11 Ceder crème brulee, frozen tangerine, basil, $11 Soft chocolate, smoked banana, crunchy nutmeg, $11

    COCKTAILS Bazooka—vodka, bubble gum cordial, house sour, $13 Pan Pacific—shochu, thai basil, calamansi, coconut water, $14 Cascade—gin, cascade hops, martini bianco, $13 Violet Fizz—gin, lemon, lime, cream, egg white, crème de violette, $15 Paprika Punch—rum, bell pepper lemonade, molasses, $14 Crumble—brown butter rum, pink clove, scrumpy, $13 Bohemio—tequila, becherovka, naranya agria, $12 Agua Verde—equila, tomatillo, cilantro, habenero, $14 Good Ol—Boy – bourbon, smoked coke, preserved lemon, $12 Blood & Sand—scotch, sweet vermouth, bitter orange sorbet, red bach, $14 Charantais—walnut cognac, dandelion cointreau, lemon, $14 Antoine—Sazarac – cognac, peyshaud, absinthe, $15