Take Out from Rao's!? The Miracle That Only Took 124 Years!

by Una O'Brien-Taubman · December 9, 2020

    Oh Rao's... You've walked by. You've scrolled past it on Instagram. Perhaps you've even made it inside only to find out that there is no way you're getting a walk-in table. And maybe, just maybe, if you're fancy enough or well connected enough, you've eaten there! 

    While most New Yorkers have heard of the famous corner Italian restaurant in East Harlem, if not for the food than for being the hardest-to-book reservation in town, few have managed to actually snag a table... until now. Well, if the table in your own kitchen counts! 

    'Tis a Covid Christmas miracle because for the first time in the 124 years since opening, Rao's is offering take-out! 

    Say goodbye to "table rights," which allowed regulars to hold a standing reservation that could be passed down to their family throughout generations (or very, very lucky friends), and hello to take-out nights! 

    While some may bemoan the loss of this exclusive, time honored New York tradition, the rest of us will be too busy eating our much fantasized about Rao's meatballs and pasta to care!

    Now, the only connection you need to dine from Rao's is either wifi ( just order from Rao’s To Go), or phone (text your order to 646-200-1787). For those of you living in the downtown Manhattan area, you can also get Rao’s delivery through Thrillist Ghost Kitchen, a special series of restaurants in two-week residencies with limited-edition takeout and delivery of everyones favorite menu items from Dec 9-18th. 

    Bon appetit!

    Rao's455 E 1145th St, New York

    [Photos via @raosnyc]