STK Downtown - Trendy Town

STKSTK Downtown may be sceney - but it's Saturday night, so really the fact that a DJ will be scoring your late night brunch couldn't be more fitting. Slide into one of their half moon booths for a birds eye view of the dining room, one big sleek palette of black with small orb lights punctuating the air - or climb up for to the roof for a birds eye view of downtown! First for the table will come this puffed little soufflé of a bread, painted with blue cheese butter and paired with a chive olive oil that you'll seriously want to dip everything in. For appetizers, you can't lose with the Tuna Tartare over avocado, swimming in the shallow end of a sweet soy honey emulsion and topped with taro chips perfect for scooping, or with the Crispy Lobster Tail, coated in puffed rice, paired with a fresh side salad of shredded papaya. And since it is a steak house, 'twould be a a shame to leave without the requisite plate of protein. Expect great cuts and a selection of sauces that is beyond - mind, the Chimichurri mixed with the STK Bold, a decidedly perfect combination. Chef Bradley Day's kitchen is open until 12:30AM on Saturday nights, so get your order in on time Cinderella! STK, 26 Little West 12th Street [Photo via @jeaniusnyc]
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