Bubby's Tribeca - Making a Day of It

Bubby'sLittle known fact that could and should change your life: Bubby's, the beloved all- American pie shop slash charming diner-esque moment that gets people queuing all up and down the High Line, also has a location in Tribeca. A 24-hour location. As in always open, always. Take a minute to digest that. It's fine. No rush, since it's not like you ever need to be in a rush to get there. As far as we're concerned, you should really make a day of this place. Like literally make a day of it. Post up there for the most ridiculously indulgent and lazy of days like you own the place. Bring all the proper supplies (i.e. magazines, books, very carefully chosen partner to share this beautiful day long challenge with) and eat your way through their breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight brunch menus. Just think of how many stacks of pancakes that could mean! Bubby's, 120 Hudson Street [Photo via @makidigital]
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