Blue Ribbon - Gold Ribbon

Blue RibbonBlue Ribbon can't be stopped, and no one is complaining. Throwing out baked goods, pitching out beer gardens, bars, and grills, frying up chicken, and sushi samba-ing all over this city. While their Bakery Kitchen is the perfect Sunday afternoon brunch spot - their tucked away Sullivan Street brasserie will have you feasting with friends well into the hours of the night, serving until 4AM. They've everything you could want for an overachieving early bird Sunday morning brunch. The Roasted Duck Club with sweet potato chips is especially heaven in these dew begetting hours, as well as their on point Pierogies, and Fried Vegetable Basket, where as long as you make yourself concentrate on the Vegetable Basket part, is on the same healthy level as your common crudite, leaving no guilt for that early Sunday morning sundae. Blue Ribbon Brasserie, 97 Sullivan Street [Photo via @nycfattykat]
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