The Best NYC Tasting Menus Under $100 Per Person

There are a few reasons you might opt for a tasting menu. Maybe you want to try something new? Maybe you want to impress a date with your mature and refined palette? Maybe you’re too lazy to read a menu and you simply want food to appear in front of you? All valid reasons, yes, but for us we go the tasting route because we get menu FOMO. We want to try everything, but sometimes we’re dining solo or with only one other person and we don’t want to look like a fat ass. You know you've been there, trying to be cute but wanting to stuff your face with all 25 pastas on the menu, plus the burrata and the tiramisu, because you don't want to miss the best thing. It's a tough tight rope to walk, we know.

So we love tasting menus because they let us do this very thing, but the problem is that most are crazy expensive. Like sure, we could go to Masa and pay $450 per person or perhaps opt for a more humble experience at Momofuku Ko for a mere $175 each, or we could just not. And we don’t. Instead, we’re into tasting menus that are kinder to our wallets, ones that let us feel dapper and eat awesome food without making us blow our life savings. We appreciate these restaurants for accommodating our needs, so to show our thanks we thought we’d share them with you.

This post originally appeared on Taste The Style

[Photo via @luksus_nyc]