The Drop.IO Launch Party Brings Out My Favorites

by guestofaguest · February 26, 2008

    tins [Tinsley with friends] You know how much we love seeing Tinsley Mortimer all dolled up. Which is why we were so bummed when we had to miss her hosting the launch party at Le Royale last Friday. is yet another useful web tool designed to help you share files, (I will say that I like the straightforward design of it and the privacy options), though am a little confused as to why they chose Tins for their spokesgirl. It's always the nerd herd that needs their barbie to validate their existences. Anyway, Gregory Littley, sister Dabney Mercer, and Paul Johnson-Caulderon did make it (picture above) along with a little vodka called p.i.n.k.

    p.i.n.k. Spirits mixes two of my favorites: vodka and coffee....Usually the only time I get to experience this combination is in the mornings after a long night out. Add in some guarana and you have a full fledged time saver.

    With one drink you can get your buzz, your caffeine, and your diet/energy fill. I have yet to try p.i.n.k. but with Tinsley as a supporter, it must be the best, right? Also, yesterday the spirits line announced that they will be expanding their empire with five new products including tequila, rum, white whiskey, gin, and sake, so everyone will be able to share in the fun!


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