For a taste of Mykonos (scene included) sans the twelve plus hours of travel time, Kyma is downtown's latest hot spot. The Greek taverna that's brought a buzz well worth the hype to Flatiron is a perfect blend of tradition and style, with the utmost focus on quality (their fresh fish is flown in daily from the Mediterranean, so, that's real).

While you've likely heard talk of their dinner, an artful culinary reminder of just what makes the Greeks so superior, it's their brunch you should be even more excited about. For a Mediterranean classicist with Kyma's notorious Simply Grilled Fish on the mind, kickstart your weekend with a whole Pink Snapper, Black Sea Bass or Lavraki. For a brunch purist jonesing for eggs, french toast, and pancakes, why not try things the Greek way? Because avocado toast should always have pomegranate seeds and toasted almonds sprinkled on top.

In the end, everything's absurdly delicious, and order what you will. But - don't you dare think about not leaving room for dessert. Grabbing the check without digging in to a plate of baklava and pistachio ice cream would be an unforgivable offense.

Click through for a look at the brunch happiness that awaits!

[Photo via @opentable]