If you haven't seen the plush, blushing peach banquette of While We Were Young posted up and down your Instagram feed, you may want to rethink the type of people you're following. The new kid on an already trendy block, this pocket-sized, jewelry box of a West Village spot is the place to be.

With a sweet little sonnet of a cocktail menu, filled with cutely named, almost too pretty to drink concoctions that will spice up any night, and a kitchen seemingly specializing in those dishes you'll only ever eat when completely surrounded by girlfriends for fear of revealing the true monster you really are, all this place is missing is a neon sign with some hip, romantic gesture of a quote re-appropriated in a way the author surely never intended.

Oh wait...

Didn't Walt Whitman just say the darnedest things though?

Basically, you should have been going to this place yesterday. So get a move on! Flip through for a sneak peak of all the lovely scenes you've been missing - from the posh interiors, to the Fried Chicken and Kale Waffles you didn't know you were living for.

[Photos via @whilewewereyoungnyc, @melotones]