Welcome to the perfect perpetual excuse to get dressed up. Date night? Gossip with the girls? It's just Wednesday? San Francisco's beloved champagne bar The Riddler has officially landed in the West Village, and it's basically got a built in sense of occasion.

The very picture of chic, with marble countertops, cozy leather banquettes, a soon-to-be-over-Instagrammed photo of Jacqueline Bisset that looks seductively out over the bar, the space seamlessly transitions from a bright, lovely brunch scene to a dark, moody night spot. West Coast patrons will feel quite at home in the new West 4th Street location, which sets itself apart, and distinctly New York, with the welcome addition of a raw bar, and full kitchen sending out a list of new menu items. 

The Riddler Burger is a beyond must-try, should you find yourself at a loss. Though it's obviously the champagne that takes priority here. "I think it’s something that you can drink every day – you don’t have to reserve it for weddings, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day," says Founder Jen Pelka. "It’s also a style of wine that is incredibly food friendly. Much like you might want a refreshing beer with a burger or fried food, the acidity in Champagne can be a really great complement to comfort foods. I think it’s the most versatile wine that exists in terms of pairing with food and everyone should be drinking more Champagne – it will only make their lives better!"

We'll cheers to that! Click through for a look at your new favorite bubbly bar. 

[Photos by Jordan Wise]