The Upper West Side Just Got The Coolest New Cocktail Spot

by Christie Grimm · August 9, 2018

    Perched on West 75th Street, The Owl's Tail is the perfect new place to do drinks uptown. 

    What was once a dry cleaners is now "a husband and wife cocktail parlor and social eatery." And it's got everything you could want in a quaint, little neighborhood spot. A cocktail list where every drink is under $15 (a true New York rarity), a small menu of snacks that still somehow has everything (roasted chicken wings, arctic char crud, and steamed pork dumplings - oh my!), a lovely little outdoor bench where you can sit and wait for your friend who has never not been late to anything, and a wall with a big graphic owl painted on it to act as an Instagram backdrop. 

    Sounds awfully perfect, no?

    The Owl's Tail, 215 West 75th St

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