This Crêpe Spot Is The Casual Brunch You Never Knew You Needed

by Christie Grimm · November 12, 2018

    Sometimes, you wake up on a Saturday, and just need to mosey on over to a restaurant where you'll spend the next 3 to 4 hours of your life talking with friend about nothing in particular over an expensive plate of eggs. And god knows there are enough places to satisfy that need in New York

    But sometimes, you wake up on a Saturday, and just need to grab something super delicious and return to the hole from which you came. 

    A sophisticated choice, with a far greater sense of occasion than your basic bodega bacon, egg and cheese, Jean Le Gourmand is the crêperie downtown never knew it needed. Inside this new transplant (the original location operates Avignon, France), a merry-go-round crêpe machine spins out perfectly cooked thin pancakes ready to be topped with any savory or sweet mix your heart could desire. 

    You can't go wrong with the Ham, Egg & Cheese. Nor the Salmon & Cheese, for that matter. Though if you're in a more sugar-y mood, the crowd favorite here morning, noon and night is the classic Nutella Strawberry. With menu items ranging from $2 to $8, it's a delicious steal you shouldn't pass up.

    [Photos via @jeanlegourmand_nyc]