The sad thing, of course, is that this doesn't sound too far-fetched at all.

Joining the ranks of the Upper East Side's douchiest eateries is Fleming by Le Bilboquet, a 20-table French restaurant from Le Bilboquet owners Philippe Delgrange and billionaire banker Ron Perelman that opened last summer. And while the typical vibe of most uptown hot spots is naturally well-to-do, staffers at this place reportedly take extra steps to ensure they're letting in the "right crowd."

According to the New York Post, a page-long "Fleming Hostess Reservation Protocol" instructs staff to Google unfamiliar names before confirming reservations in order "to keep the restaurant for special people only." When asked what that meant, exactly, one worker told the paper, "Rich."

Seeing as the spot is frequented by the likes of Robert De Niro, Paul McCartney, and Ivana Trump, it sounds like they should have no trouble maintaining their "special" atmosphere. But you know, God forbid any of those A-listers are forced to breathe the same air as a plebeian.

Click through for a peek inside the spot, and some of the not-poor guests who've been allowed to dine there.

[Photo via @flemingnewyork]