The recent shuttering of The Four Seasons should be enough of an indicator that the latest wave of power diners are doing things differently. Martinis have been swapped out for green juices, golf for yoga, so it's no surprise that the stuffy hot spots of yore (along with their heavy menu offerings), have been replaced by lighter atmospheres and lighter fare.

Case in point: Le Jardinier, the greenery-filled new restaurant by Alain Verzeroli which has already served a slew of New York A-listers since its debut last month. A famed protégé of world-renowned chef Joël Robuchon (who passed away last year), Verzeroli is masterfully leading a French take on healthy dining in a space that's as modern and luxurious as his well-plated dishes. 

Located inside Aby Rosen's buzzed-about new condo building, Le Jardinier and it's soon-to-be-opened sister restaurant, Shun, a contemporary French-Japanese spot, were designed by Parisian architect Joseph Dirand. Le Jardinier (which translates to "The Gardener"), for one, is a tranquil escape of green and white, with floor-to-ceiling windows, marble accents, and a Greenhouse-worthy selection of plants - both on and off the menu. 

Rooted in French technique, with a focus on seasonal vegetables and sustainable meat, fish, and poultry, dishes are complemented by gluten free breads by Master Baker Tetsuya Yamaguchi, a selection of organic and biodynamic wines, and innovative cocktails by Dushan Zaric of Employees Only. Even the desserts are healthy-ish; Chef Salvatore Martone’s creations utilize organic ingredients and fresh fruit. No wonder wellness-obsessed CEOs, waist-watching fashionistas, and aesthetic-chasing influencers are set to flock to Le Jardinier - especially when it opens for (power) lunch service later this year.

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Le Jardinier, 610 Lexington Ave

[Photos via Le Jardinier]