Visit Peru Right Here In New York This Sunday!

by ERIC SPEAR · August 14, 2008

    pera brasserieEverybody is invited to experience the flavors, smells and sounds of Peru in the heart of New York City! This Sunday at 6:30 at Pera Brasserie. Chef Ezequiel Valencia will be preparing a 5-COURSE traditional Peruvian meal (the new "it" dish) paired with wines from Spain and Chile, as well as Pisco Sours (from Peru of course). And providing the entertainment for the evening will be Cynthia Paniagua, star of the fillm "Soy Andina," who will be gracing onlookers with Peruvian dance.

    pera brasserie

    The food sounds just amazing. The featured dishes include a ceviche of which Peru is famous for. And to show how the Chinese have influenced Peruvian food, a dish called "Lomo Saltado" which is a stir-fried beef and potato dish. mmmm....

    [Interview With Todd English]