What Brings Vincent Gallo, Terry Richardson, and RZA Together?

by guestofaguest · January 16, 2008

    Belvedere Vodka Campaign Vincent Gallo Terry Richardson RZA

    [Image from the new Belvedere Vodka Campaign]

    Vodka of course! Well, not just any vodka, Belvedere vodka. And not just any spirit-filled occasion, rather their new $20 million dollar campaign aimed at putting a contemporary twist on luxury. Not the old ornate and gilded version (a la Donald Trump), but rather an indie approach.

    The stars are Vincent Gallo, Terry Richardson, and RZA. You may remember Gallo from The Brown Bunny, a film that he directed and co-starred in with Chloë Sevigny (in which she performed actual fellatio on him during a now infamous scene). You've probably seen Richardson's photography work in hundreds of high-profile campaigns in the past. His work tends to be edgy, provocative, and avante-garde in character. And lastly, you've probably heard RZA, who composed the soundtrack for the ads, when he was in the Wu-Tang.

    So when you sit down at your table next time, and have a three bottle minimum, if you order some Belvedere, just remember who to send out the first toast to.