What Twitter Has To Say About Kenmare Closing

by Chelsea Burcz · October 18, 2011

    Paul Sevigny and Nur Khan's hotspot Kenmare is "temporarily" closed down as of yesterday, and a new restaurant concept will eventually launch in the space.  Don't fret Kenmare groupies, plans are that the downstairs lounge area will remain open for now, with an additional menu of bar snacks possibly. 

    While critics were harsh on the restaurant from the get-go, and chef Joey Campanaro leaving in March didn't help matters in the two-year run.

    So what will the new restaurant be? Plans haven't been announced as of yet but apparently there is a completely new concept in the works.

    And for some opinions from Twitter:

    NYNightlife tweeted:

    Looks like Kenmare's lounge will remain open. For how long, who knows? If there's construction upstairs, how can downstairs be open?

    NYNightlife tweeted:

    Sad to say, but a place serving synthetic truffle oil fries, mac 'n cheese and sliders would be the most sustainable concept for Kenmare.

    NYNightlife tweeted:

    Precisely why I said the dining concept to replace Kenmare should include truffle fries.

    Jenna Sauers, (@jennasauers) tweeted:

    Wait — Kenmare had a restaurant? 

    Megan Woerlein (@meganwoerlein) tweeted:

    closed. No great loss there.

    Jules Odessa (@julessssss) tweeted:

    closes. It's been real. Which chef should start up a new restaurant? hmm..

    What are YOUR thoughts on Kenmare closing?