Who's This New Girl?

by ANTHONY NATOLI · September 20, 2007

    Michelle McKelvey. No one know, nevertheless cared about this girl when she entered into our territory in May. Now, it’s unreal at how many emails our inbox is flooded with asking about Michelle McKelvey. So many, that we offered her to have her own column, journaling her stories while gliding through the social scene. Although she declined (we still don’t get why), she offered to sit down for an interview, answering some of our readers questions. She’s the youngest woman to win this title (she can’t even legally have a cocktail), but age is just a number, right? We recently had drinks with Mark Burnbower, co-owner of the Gansevoort Hotel, Bagatelle, and Marquee. “McKelvey’s ability to see connections and leverage ventures using her relationships is unbelievable. I call her a super spider--she spins a very tight web of people, places, and ventures that she uses at her disposable. We went out to dinner once, and we had to move to a different table because so many people recognized her. She has a vision, and gets it done. ”