All you nut milk freaks who regularly make the pilgrimage down to the hip-man's land of Nolita in search of your weekly Butcher's Daughter fix, a place which seems impossibly to grow more and more in popularity as time goes on, are in for quite the treat. It seems the vegan cafe - juice bar - Instagram brunch dream hybrid - "vegetable slaughter house's" plan for North American domination is well under way (they've plans to go all West Coast,  because like, duh), as their second New York location is FINALLY open. 

Tucked away on the upper quiet sliver of Hudson Street in the West Village, you'll want to hit it up before this still slightly hush hush spot sees the classic Butcher's Daughter traffic disrupting sidewalk line begin to take form. Which, let's be real, will 100% be by this weekend. Cold pressed cocktails, kale, and cashew cheese - oh my!

The Butcher's Daughter, 581 Hudson Street