Ian McKellen Attends Special Screening Of "The Prisoner"

by Chiara Atik · November 4, 2009

    [All photos by MAX RAPP for PMc]. Sir Ian McKellen stepped out last night for a VIP Screening of AMC's new miniseries, "The Prisoner". McKellen plays "Two", and Jim Caviezel plays "Six". Two is keeping Six prisoner in a bizarre place known as "The Village". Sound confusing?-

    Yeah, it seems pretty out there, a blend of Lost, Myst, and The Royal Shakespeare Company. Still, after Mad Men, we trust AMC with basically anything they wanna do. (Speaking of Mad Men, Michael Gladis, aka Paul Kinsey, attended the screening last night.) The Prisoner premieres on AMC on Sunday, November 15th.

    Sir Ian McKellen                                  Jim Caviezel

    Jamie Campbell-Bower, Sir Ian McKellen, Ruth Wilson, Lennie James, Jefferey Smith

    Ruth Wilson                       Jamie Campbell-Bower

    Michael Gladis                              Lennie James

    Charlie Collier                                     Nick Hurran