"High Society" To "Tear Down Golden Facade Of Socialite World" Starting March 10th

by BILLY GRAY · February 16, 2010

    High Society is set to premiere on March 10 on The CW. The reality show about New York fauxciety fixtures like Virginia rug salesman's daughter Tinsley Mortimer has been shooting around town for weeks. What other locals are risking their reputations to appear on the series?According to a dizzying series of emails sent to us by a tipster (who seems to know an awful lot about production and PR lingo),

    "This series is going to tear down the golden facade of the socialite world in NYC, so keep your eyes on The Social Registry (?), names will be dropping like flies."



    Peter Davis, Ali WiseHe goes on to mention Peter Davis, half-brother-in-law to the Tinz. Davis was trailed by a camera crew (despite claiming he'd never signed a release) that, according to a source, caught him playing tennis and failing to hit a single ball. No worries though, he was "edited out completely" after producers deemed him "too boring for TV." But Davis isn't taking it too hard, telling us:

    "I don't have a handbag to sell or cologne to launch so for me there is no real up side, only fame for the sake of fame. The producers of the show stalked me, sending hundreds and hundreds of emails to me, but I don't want to play a distorted version of myself. Reality TV is great for people that don't have anything to lose, like the characters in the Jersey Shore cast. I would love to see Dabney be America's next Snooki."

    Mortimer relatives who will be featured include Tinsley's mother, Dale Mercer, and sister, Dabney Mercer.  Will the Dabs be our next Snooki?  One can only hope. As Peter Davis says:

    "it will all be up to the editing floor to decide. It's so fake it's real."

    The famed "Five Finger Discount At The Eldridge" Recessionista/handbag stealing Socialite Paul Johnson Calderon is jockeying to be the star of the trainwreck, having "said on tape what Peter [Davis] hopes no one in America will learn." And don't forget self-proclaimed boutique owner, futurist philanthropist and ethnic food-hating Jules Kirby, an erstwhile friend of Calderon's. (They now despise each other).

    Also, you have "I wish I knew how to social climb" Debbie Tractenberg (aka Devorah Rose) a reality TV "star" so prolific I heard she was featured in a North Korean propaganda video.

    The show's very existence provides insight into some of the biggest socioeconomic developments of the last few years: the humbling of the once-rich (or so they seemed) by the Great Recession; fame supplanting good taste, breeding and maybe even wealth as the most desired commodity among the historically reserved uptown elite (who until recently favored a collective bunker mentality) and lowest common denominator reality programming all but monopolizing network TV.

    So, tune in March 10 to see how it all goes down! (That's a Wednesday, when Gossip Girl also airs, so it's looking like High Society is positioning itself as the "real," AARP version of that show.)

    If the show doesn't live up to its promise, there's a porn mag that shares its name and would be glad to make offers to the cast. For these people, is there such a thing as too much exposure?