Kelly Cutrone Sits Down With Steve Lewis

by Rachelle Hruska · August 13, 2008

    kelly-cutroneKelly Cutrone has been around for a long time.  Way before Lauren Conrad ever stepped into People's Revolution.  Before the Hills, Kelly Cutrone was New York's Kelly, and an integral part of our city's nightlife.  She  recently sat down with our favorite nightlife king, Steve Lewis for an interview. This was my favorite part:

    SL: In all of this, you’re doing this TV show. Now, the people at JoonBug office are saying, ‘You know Kelly Cutrone? How could you know Kelly Cutrone?’ I go ‘I know people, I’ve known Kelly for a long time.’ They don’t believe me. So I’m doing this interview by myself, I’m usually surrounded by people that help me spell and all that. And they don’t believe that I’m talking to you here. Now why are these people so impressed?

    KC: I don’t know. People have to celebrate mediocrity.

    There's nothing mediocre about Kelly's story.  In her interview she also touches on her days at Roxy, their fun times at clubs like Tattoo, Limelight, Palladium, about her slick jacket changes and the start of Micheal Alig.  The Hills of Hollywood have nothing on this New York Queen.

    [Queen Of The Hill: Kelly Catrone]