Steve Lewis On The Prowl, Set To Find New Girlfriend...

by Rachelle Hruska · February 16, 2009

    Dreams really can come true.  Today, we hear word that Blackbook will be helping their number one writer, (and our good friend), Steve Lewis find a new girlfriend (because his spinning session at Southside last night was obviously a dead end in the girl department). Do you think you have what it takes to make Uncle Stevie happy?

    "Details are still being hammered out, but from a pool of interested applicants, a group of the most eligible nominees will be selected by an impartial jury of peers (i.e. the ladies of BlackBook who have decreed that I need their guidance). Finalists will then be treated to a variety of “dates”—dinners, shows, trips, and more, with side benefits like the odd prize or two (or six)—at no cost to them. Eventually, natural attrition and/or affairs of the heart will produce a winner. The entire process will be chronicled here, of course."

    Do you feel like you are the perfect match for Steve (aka do you love going to the Bronx Zoo on Sundays and know more about club land trivia than anyone else your age?) Well, then send your photo over girl asap, because take it from me, Steve is VERY picky.