Uncle Stevie Joins Twitter--Has Mild Freak Out Session

by Rachelle Hruska · April 23, 2009

    "HELP! What is going on? I don't want to give them my phone. Is this okay? Where do these Twitters go? How do I find them on my phone? How do people even know where to find these!?" -@unclesteviebb

    I just got off a long Twitter phone tutorial with Steve Lewis. The famous nightlife king, and BlackBook writer has joined Twitter and is FUHREAKING.OUT.  After calming him down (this is how you felt the first day on Facebook remember-now you love it), and asking him to provide some specific reasons for why in the world he is using a treo phone (!), we got him started.  Within 10 minutes he was exclaiming: "OH I see you! I saw that! This is Awesome!" And "I need someone to babysit my twitter, it's so slow." (at the time, Twitter was experiencing high capacity-the Twitteri must have cosmically known Steve was de-virginizing).

    I gave him a quick tutorial: "It's 'tweets' not 'twitters'"

    Alas, Steve Lewis, the NYC Nightlife legend is up and running on Twitter, and it's fair to say that we can expect some words of wisdom from him--in 140 characters no less (do you think he can do it!?)

    Matt Oliver (@virtualoliver) and myself (@rachellehruska) are his only followers at present. Go follow uncle Steve and encourage him that it will all make sense soon enough! I convinced Steve to use Twitter to officially announce the name of the new lounge he is working on on Orchard Street on Monday.  Then I reminded him that if he wasn't considered family I'd be charging him. Now get on that profile photo Steve!