37 Thoughts On The Bachelor Finale

by guestofaguest · March 14, 2017

    Apologies on the delay in posting another Bachelor recap, I got busy and decided to reclaim my Monday evenings. But alas we're back for ze finale! Below you will find my very astute and detailed stream of consciousness as I watch the last 3-hour episode of this absolute nonsense!

    1. I would like to begin this list with two predictions/statements: a) I want Raven to win but she's not going to, sorrrrry. b) there must be major budget cutbacks at ABC if they're filming in this obscure and cold location.
    2. Nick's parents have been through this twice!! Not fair to be dragging them through this again.
    3. HAAH Nick stuttering trying to say "romantic." I die.
    4. "When I've been with you, I've only thought about you." Ugh Nick you've won me!
    5. Will they move to Milwaukee after this?
    6. Aww Vanessa crying, I'm sorry I've been harsh. This is real.
    7. Past GofG intern just sent me this... HA:

    8. We just ordered Mr. Chow, yay!
    9. Ponders impending snowstorm and failure to grocery shop, thus will be living off said Mr. Chow for the next 24-48 hours. Ugh.
    10. We're backkkkk
    11. Heart ice sculpture
    12. Considering all of the different elements these ladies have to prep for when they come on The Bachelor.. Bimini or whatever to Finland. Lots of lewks..
    13. @Raven what self-tanner do you use??
    14. Do you still call Nick your boyfriend if he has other girlfriends?
    15. Really curious about the logistics that come after the show; where do they live, work etc.
    16. Raven I don't think you should hold those puppies like that!!
    17. Nick's wardrobe continues to disappoint me.
    18. Aw Raven saying she would for sure marry him. It's too soon!! I feel like boys in Arkansas would be better.
    19. She would make a great FitTea ambassador.
    20. Nick has the innate ability to talk SO much without saying anything.
    21. Wow plot twist, Nick is like really complimentary of Raven. Maybe she will win??
    22. JK I stand by my prediction of Vanessa.
    23. All of these ladies saying "I love you" and not gettin it back!! So awk.
    24. Postmate is here!!!
    25. HA how many times has Nick met Neil Lane??
    26. Raven what is this black cape you're wearing?? So bad.
    27. Well fitted suit Nick, I'm impressed.
    28. Awww we have to watch Raven get dumped :(
    29. Raven just smile through it!! Get away from the camera!!
    30. I don't say the word "classy" but Raven that was a CLASSY exit.
    31. Trying to decide if I'd rather live in Milwaukee or Montreal. I choose death!
    32. Chris Harrison's demeanor totally changed, Vanessa knows she's got it in the bag!!
    33. OMG he cried when he saw her. That was cute
    34. Is this real??
    35. That sleigh looks too small for them.
    36. "Should we go start a life?" Final Nick thoughts, so weird.
    37. WE OUTTTTTT!

    [Photo via @nickviall]