A Lot Of People Hate Jill Zarin

by BILLY GRAY · June 17, 2010

    Do you know if you plug the phrase "I hate Jill Zarin" into Google you'll get 229,000 results? One of them is a blog whose every post begins "I Hate Jill Zarin..." A recent entry garnered 638 comments. What has Real Housewife Jill done to give all these folks a red rump?

    The content of Lynnnnchicago101 is disappointingly tame compared to its bold headlines. Its assessments are direct and scathing but devoid of the profanity, unhinged stream-of-consciousness and crazily inconsistent punctuation and capitalization that are the hallmarks of most internet rants. Here's one:

    "The real Jill Zarin is a horrible person who is jealous of her friends’ success and insults everyone with the excuse of trying to be funny."

    There are criticisms that sound like catchy ad slogans for...duplicitous reality television stars, I suppose:

    "Her memory is selective, her lies are abundant!"

    Good thing the bored loyal readers and commenters are there to spice things up and meet the criteria for borderline incoherent blogosphere condemnation. Here's a gem from "Susan":

    "KNOW WHEN I REALIZED WHAT JILL REALLY WAS???? THE EPISODE WHERE THE VET CAME TO SEE GINGER, remember that? Supposedly that poor pup was sick, and what does our heroine do? She further upsets the dog by not only inviting a friend with her dog over, but A CAMERA CREW FILMING while the vet was there. What kind of a person does that to a pet that she claims to love? Poor Ginger was stressed so much that she had an accident. THAT DID IT FOR ME. Up to that point, I was getting the feeling that all Jill cared about was her “face time” on the show……but that episode really confirmed to me what Jill truly cares about, and that is Jill ONLY!"

    "Susan" also upholds the fine internet tradition of self-proclaimed, unsubstantiated expertise in whatever subject is currently under discussion. In this case, the subject is Kelly Bensimon:

    "I worked in inpatient psych and she sure seems as though she is a paranoid schizophrenic."

    Getting warmer, Susie, but a scan through Lynnnchicago (the posts are long and remember what I said about 600+ comments) reveals little of the bilious, seething hatred I expect to see from anonymous strangers via the information superhighway. It's a little tame, a bit too civil, a tad too Midwestern.

    Thank God for parenting message board and noted cesspool of digital bitterness YouBeMom. Here's what some of these people had to say about The Zarin:

    "She's a middle aged hag trying desperately to be 'pretty.'"

    "She's repellent. Truly."

    "They need [her husband] Bobby to divorce her dumb ass and leave her in a walk up studio in Spanish Harlem."

    "Holy bitch."

    Strong words. And I Hate Jill Zarin is just one entry in a cottage industry of blogs (or reblogs) that skewer lower-rung celebs their authors are supposedly above. But what do we make of people who put in time dissecting and denigrating strangers they claim to hate to an audience of other strangers? One could argue their actions are just as pathetic, petty and indefensible as the behavior they denounce.

    And let's not even touch the people who write about the people writing such attacks.

    Maybe we all need to heed the advice of one YouBeMom tired of the Jill slams:

    "For fuck's sake, get a life."