Are You Pregnant And Obnoxious? Then You Could Be On TV!

by Chiara Atik · March 16, 2010

    Being pregnant in the city is NOT easy, you guys! Preparing to raise an Urban Baby requires nine grueling months of prenatal yoga, fittings for couture maternity clothing and trying to find a good concierge service. It can a little overwhelming, but luckily, reality tv is here to help.-

    If you are planning to give birth between May and July of this year, and are unbelievably self-entitled, you might want to consider shooting an email to and tell them why you would be a good candidate for their upcoming reality show focusing on pregnant women in New York City.

    The show matches women up with a designer/expert who will advise on prenatal fitness, nutrition, navigating the social school scene, and of course outfit them in the best maternity couture that money can buy. The point of the show is to help subjects feel like "million dollar mommas" (said without irony).

    The program has apparently been picked up by a major network, and producers need a few more "big personalities" to really make the show a success.  Seeing as Devorah Rose has yet to miss an opportunity to sashay in front of an NYC Reality camera, we're hoping she gets pregnant by season two.

    I can't imagine watching a television show about high-strung pregnant women who probably consult The Socialite Name Chart as a baby book could ever be entertaining, but we're willing to give it a shot!

    Producers are here March 25th through April 9th to meet candidates. Those interested should e-mail IMMEDIATELY with the following info.:

    1. Name, city and due date. (Must be in tri-state area.)

    2. Why are couture maternity clothing and concierge services a must during your pregnancy?

    3. What are your feelings about being pregnant? Excited? Nervous?

    4. Are there any special circumstances regarding your pregnancy? Is this your first child? Was it hard to conceive? Are you expecting twins?

    5. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your partner (if applicable). What makes you unique?

    6. Phone number and e-mail address.

    7. Please include a recent picture.

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