Broad City Is Auctioning Off Drew Barrymore's ACTUAL Suitcase

by Millie Moore · December 21, 2017

    Just in time for vacay season, our fave girls Abbi and Ilana are auctioning off Drew Barrymore's much hyped (and much referenced) suitcase that she wrote about on Refinery29. That's right, the original Burton bag signed by the actress herself is going to be up for grabs. Art adviser Will Kopelman (trust fund baby job alert!) came up with the idea to auction off his ex-wife Drew's bag and give the proceeds to Planned Parenthood. Can we please talk about how chic it is to be cool with your ex and helping out a worthy cause together? Talk about taking conscious uncoupling to a whole new level! Right, Gwyneth? 

    And if donating to charity doesn't incentivize you to make a bid because you are a heartless wench, did we mention that Ms. Barrymore highly recommends this bag? And it's made like a million cameos in the show (fine, like two, but still).

    But we (meaning I) have to ask: what has become of the shinjo that was used on my kegel fitspiration Jeremy in season 2? Is that still up for grabs or what? Sure, the sex toy like it that the Broad City chicks designed is cool and all, but I'm interested in the diamond in the rough here, bitches! Anything else is cubic zirconium compared to Jeremy's hand-me-downs.

    It's 2017, anal's on the menu.

    we're in! @broadcity fans, be on the look out for THE DREW BARRYMORE SUITCASE to be auctioned! AHHH! Repost @willkopelman “While packing for the winter break, I had an idea in the spirit of giving: for all you @broadcity fans out there, here’s the actual bag that’s been a running joke for the last two seasons. The original Burton bag. The one Drew and I bought, shared, she wrote about on refinery29, bequeathed to me (she understandably traded for her own brand of luggage @deardrew ), and I still have in near perfect condition. Hey @ilanusglazer @abbijacobson let’s auction this off for @plannedparenthood, whatdya think? I’m game if you are...when I told Drew about the idea, she even signed it to make it official. Name the time and the venue and I will deliver this beauty. (PS - to my friends that haven’t seen Broad City, this will all make zero sense, but you should watch it if you like laughter).”

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    [Photo via Comedy Central]