Conan O'Brien Returns To Television Tonight! Team Coco!

by guestofaguest · November 8, 2010

    If you've been one of the many trumpeting Team Coco these past few months, blow your horn no longer; the moment has arrived: in honor of tonight's debut of Conan, TBS's late-night newest talk show, we wanted to provide a nice round-up of some Conan buzz you should have before you kick back this evening:

    The 10 Greatest Moments in Conan O'Brien history:

    This great compilation from The Smoking Jacket of Conan's Greatest Hits, includes the recurring "In the Year 2000" meme and naturally the masturbating bear:

    The Conan Fail Whale

    Conan-as-Jonah graphic in which the comedian rides a "pale whale" as Twitter birds with strings attached at the beak lift the man and cetacean has been floating around the internet all day.

    Artist Yiying Lu created the Fail Whale image on for the 140-character-blast system and integrated the red-haired giant especially for the launch of TBS's new show.

    Roundup of all of Conan's Promotional Videos:

    Gawker has a nice aggregation of the Conan promotional videos, including the infamous explosives-packed car driven off a cliff and the desk-washing incident:

    Conan's First show ever:

    Check out this footage from 1993, when Conan first came on the air:


    And finally,

    The 11 Best Pieces of Conan Fan Art:

    From Funny or Die here's an example:

    We can't wait for Conan to return to our TV sets tonight. In case you're in the mood, throw your own Conan Premiere Party! Here's how: [How to Throw a Conan Premiere Party]

    Hopefully, he'll remember to show up! [@ConanOBrien]