Did Alex McCord And Simon Van Kempen Renew Their Vows?

by Chiara Atik · October 5, 2010

    While looking at pictures from Alex McCord's birthday party, which was shot for RHNY, we came across this picture. At first, we thought "Aww, a picture from their wedding." But then we looked closer...-

    Is this really a picture from their first wedding?  We can't help but notice the guests in the background don't look quite as formal as we'd imagine a guest at a Silex wedding would be. looks beautiful and Simon looks dapper....but they also look exactly the same as they do now; Alex's hair color, which has changed a little over the years, is the exact same shade she sported at her Brooklyn birthday last week.  So was this wedding #1, or is this a brand new photo from a previously unheard of vow renewal? Of course, as the pictures below illustrate, Real Housewives is filming now, so it's possible. Thoughts?

    While you mull that over, take a look at these pictures from Alex's birthday.

    -We're not sure where this little party took place (Red Hook?), but, cameras aside, the party really did look intimate, fun, and perfect for this quirky family. Honestly, it's parties like this that make them our favorites on the Real Housewives Franchise (not that we don't love Bethenny! We love Bethenny.)

    They're crazy, but not self-important, entertaining, but never at the expense of anyone else. And we really doubt Alex pulled any diva moves at this bash, or, like, ice skated in front of anyone or anything.

    Alex McCord, Francois, Johann, Simon van Kempen

    Simon Van Kempen, Alex McCord

    A koala hoodie!

    Simon Van Kempen

    [All photos via Facebook]