Downtown Girls Premiering Tonight

by NATASHA STORER · June 1, 2010

    After Sex and the City, then The City, the newest "reality" series The Downtown Girls - which is poised to capture the mad-cap adventures of a group of girlfriends in New York City, premieres tonight on MTV at 11pm.


    The show revolves around the real-life adventures of Shallon Lester who was a New York Daily News gossip columnist before turning blogger for and her friends. Lester’s friends include Gurj, who is a digital marketing guru at Atlantic Records; Nikki Laura Cohen, who is the owner of a fashion boutique; Victoria, who is an aspiring attorney; and Klo, a bride-to-be.

    Following the inevitable work, friendship and dating trials and tribulations that is a well-worn formula by now, it remains to see if this new show has any 'downtown edge' at all, or is more of another well-scripted Hills/City copy-cat.