Everything I Frantically Tweeted While Binge-Watching "You" On Netflix

by Stephanie Maida · January 4, 2019

    Welp. Well that was an emotional roller coaster.

    Ever since Netflix picked up Lifetime's Penn Badgley-starring, social media-fueled, nightmare drama You, the show has been getting the recognition - and buzz - it truly deserves. While I've long ago stopped watching the PG-13 teeny bopper mysteries on networks like the CW, I'd venture to say this shit is worthy of as much of an obsessed fan base garnered by Riverdale, Pretty Little Liars, and, of course, Lonely Boy's original, Gossip Girl.

    It's got everything! Stalking, sex, scathing commentary on modern society's obsession with social media. Penn Badgley's infuriatingly perfect bone structure. Shay Mitchell. Hari Nef.

    Sure, it's also a little ridiculous, but during my two-day binge session of all 10 episodes it was really all I could think, talk, and obviously, Tweet about. Scroll down for a recap of my live thoughts, because there couldn't be a more honest review of something than the frantic, unfiltered reactions it stirs. 

    Duh, spoilers ahead.