Farewell Oprah! How To Cope With Losing Your Daily Dose Of O

by Kirby Allison · May 25, 2011

    As the Queen of Talk bids farewell to her iconic television show today, we can’t help but feel sadness.  Sure, OWN and O Magazine give us a little to look forward to, but it's not enough! How to cope with the loss? There are some ways of dealing...like paper dolls!

    1. Go nuts Tom Cruise-style! Jump up and down on a couch proclaiming your love for Oprah. It's the quick fix way to let out your emotions.

    2. At Amazon.com you can buy the 20th anniversary DVD collectors set for $29.99 and watch Oprah’s best moments any time you want.

    3. You can also purchase an Oprah baby doll made by doll maker Andrea Arcello. For real.

    4. And, if you don’t want to drop cash on a freakishly life-like baby doll, Oprah is always at your finger-tips by visiting Cartoon Doll where you can digitally style and dress your favorite talk show host.

    5. Follow Oprah's favorite fad diet, the Yo-Yo.


    6. Start your own book club.


    7. Buy a bunch of toy cars and give them away.

    8. At least once a year let everyone know what YOUR favorite things are.

    Warning: These are not long-term solutions but let’s face it, nothing- not even watching OWN-will stop our long-term sadness experienced from the lack of the Oprah Winfrey Show in your life. But like an asthmatics inhaler, there is always a short-term remedy to the Oprahlessness in your life.