Find The Ideal Boyfriend: Launch Of Genuine Ken Digital Series

by Sun Kersor · January 11, 2011

    Tonight, eight Ken-testants vying for the title of "ultimate boyfriend for every occasion" will appear at SoHo House in L.A. to celebrate the launch of the Genuine Ken Digital Series, a Hulu elimination show that will narrow the competition to one lucky stud who best embodies the qualities of Barbie's ex-beau. How do the guys match-up?

    The guys are pigeon-holed into various categories like Artistic Ken, as seen below.

    Steele, a sensitive player and singer/songwriter, thinks the ultimate boyfriend has to be, "trustworthy, listen to a woman's needs and be able to meet those needs; and respect women."

    Carriage, he says, is the first thing he notices about a girl:

    "When I'm out, the first thing I notice about a girl is how she carries herself--it's huge. Confidence is sexy."

    Then, of course, there's your All Ameri-Ken who works as a bartender and model.

    He's humble:

    "When I first heard about Genuine Ken I thought, 'Man, that sounds exactly like me!' The All-American boy, the one that's done everything--gone from playing sports, to being smart, to being the role model in your community. I even had a red sports car."

    He's also a hopeless romantic:

    "For Valentine's Day, I bought well over two dozen roses, pulled off the petals of every rose and made a trail of petals from her car into her apartment and then to her bedroom. On her bed, I made a big, nice heart and inside the heart was a collage of photos from the year we'd been together."

    If you're down to get freaky, check out the Party Ken.

    Pericoloso says he's a bartender, rapper, and gym trainer.

    He knows his assets:

    "I'm the ultimate boyfriend because I know what a girl wants and I know how to pursue her. I know how to make her feel special and know how to treat her. I was dating this girl and wanted to know more about her. so I hit up all her friends on Facebook to find out what she liked to do."

    O.K., so he's into Facebook stalking and humble about his abilities:

    "One of her friends said she liked ice skating. After going to her favorite restaurant, we slapped on some skates and went ice skating at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia. I fell so many times. It was the first time I went skating, but she felt special and was surprised that I knew."

    So which one do you want to take home? Whitney Port will host the event tonight and may be able to help you make up your mind.