Get Ready for Unimaginable Numbers of Obnoxious Female Televison Groupies

by guestofaguest · January 4, 2008

    cashmere mafia

    [Déjà Vu?]

    Looks like mid-season primetime is going to be a battle for who's sexier....or at least who can write the sexiest dialogue and create the hottest outfits and characters. Years ago a little show based on a little novel took the world by storm. If you need any reassurance regarding the influence of HBO's Sex and the City, just ask any Australian, English, or for that matter ANY female tourist visiting Manhattan what they want to see here. You will get answers like "Cafeteria", "Bungalow", "City Bakery", and just about any place still around that was shown on that series. They'll want to see the dressing rooms in Prada and browse through the Manolo's at Saks. Hoping to repeat on the series' success, both ABC and NBC are launching shows this year that are complete copy-cats of Sex and the City. What's even better is they both have ex-sexers on their respective teams.

    On February 7th, NBC will launch Lipstick Jungle, a remake of another novel by Candace Bushnell about another set of attractive, well-dressed, empowered women living in New York City. Candace herself plays the main character this time. More relevant is ABC's Cashmere Mafia which premieres this Sunday after Desperate Housewives where it will then move on to Wednesday nights. It is about another set of attractive, well-dressed, empowered women living in New York City. It is produced by Darren Star who also did Sex and the City (as well as Beverly Hills 90210 and Melrose Place).

    If you thought the Sex and the City frenzy was getting annoyingly out of control, get ready for some of the most obnoxious female television groupies you could ever begin to imagine. We will be there every step of the way most likely....that will actually be determined after watching Cashmere this Sunday. If we had to make our prediction now on very very limited knowledge we would say that they are both going to be ridiculously lame, though most likely entertaining if you like that sort of thing. The reviews for Cashmere Mafia so far are describing anything but to Emmy material. However, Barry Garron of the Hollywood Reporter states an obvious advantage that both series will have:

    "For a series like 'Cashmere Mafia' to survive, there would have to be practically no other dramas to watch and, whaddya know, that just might be the case, as more scripted shows fall victim to the writers strike."

    One more thing we're forgetting, Cashmere has Lucy Liu and a hot Lesbian, this will likely give them a head up on Lipstick as it will obviosly draw in male viewers.