It's Emmy Season! Who'll Be Wearing What?

by SUSANNAH LONG · July 8, 2010

    The Emmy nominations are in! You can see the complete list here, but the real question on our mind is what are the nominees going to wear? We're especially excited to see the sartorial selections of the following small screen stars . . .

    Best Actor, Drama Michael C. Hall, "Dexter"

    At the Golden Globes, tv serial killer and 6 Feet Under alum Michael C. Hall showed up in a knit cap and a NYT blogger mocked it; then it turned out Hall was being treated for Hodgkin's lymphoma. Awwwkward. We hope he doesn't need the cap anymore, not only because we wish him the best and heart him (Uh, he's married to Jennifer Carpenter, the actress who plays his tv sister on Dexter. Mindbend!), but also because when he does have hair, he uses it to brilliant ends. Observe:

    [photo via splashnewsonline]

    We can get behind that on the red carpet.

    Best Actress, Drama Glenn Close, "Damages"

    Left to right: "Fatal Attraction," "Dangerous Liaisons," "101 Dalmatians."

    Glenn Close may look kind of like your close-lipped and socially awkward aunt, but homegirl knows how to rock a costume. She's generally classic and reserved on the red carpet, but we are so hoping she goes for a Greatest Hits melange.

    Best Actor, Comedy Shrug.

    Matthew Morrison           Tony Shalhoub                    Larry David

    We don't really care about these guys. Sure, Matthew Morrison (nominated for "Glee") and Tony Shalhoub (nominated for "Monk"), might use their tightly curled hair to hilarious effect, but the only way we'll really perk up is if Larry David (nominated for "Curb Your Enthusiasm") loses his pants onstage.

    Best Actress, Comedy Lea Michele, "Glee"

    Lea Michele's stylist is earning her keep; the musical actress has been looking great lately. Our vote goes for either a Catherine Malandrino or a Zac Posen frock, since those two designers were responsible for Michele's biggest red carpet triumphs:

    A Catherine Malandrino at the SAG Awards and a Zac Posen at the Tonys.

    . . . although deep in our hearts we want Lea Michele's preppy "Glee" character to seep into the star's Emmy's wardrobe. A couture sweatervest-dress, perhaps?

    Best Supporting Actress, Drama Christina Hendricks, "Mad Men" and Archie Panjabi, "The Good Wife"

    Everyone's eyes are trained on Christina Hendricks . . .

    . . . and for (2) good reasons. But we're curious to see what Archie Panjabi will wear. Before she went all bisexual P.I., leather, and thigh-high boots on "The Good Wife," she was super-schoolgirl in "East is East." We're guessing she'll diverge completely from her onscreen personas and appear in something super-feminine.

    Best Supporting Actor, Drama John Slattery, "Mad Men"

    When we first saw John Slattery as the kinky, hypocritical pol on "Sex and the City," we said to ourselves, that man's lustrous silver hair will take him far. And it has. There is no option but for him to match his suit to his tresses. Prince and pocket-size magician Daniel Radcliffe can provide style guidance.

    Best Supporting Actor, Comedy Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, and Ty Burrell, all for "Modern Family"

    Three actors from "Modern Family" are up for the same award. Time for a group wardrobe choice. They all looked so nice in white when the sitcom script demanded it. Go for the vestal virgin look, boys.

    Best Supporting Actress, Comedy Jane Lynch, "Glee"