NYC Real Estate Brokers Finally Desperate Enough For Reality TV

by BILLY GRAY · March 4, 2010

    Time was, realtors catering to New York's ruling class would show an open house in Jackson Heights before exposing A-List clients and their palatial Gold Coast floor-throughs to TV-watching slobs. Bless the recession, because on March 17th the Upper East Side Monopoly board goes public with Selling NY. -

    Series like Million Dollar Listing and Flipping Out have already dug into the scintillating world of high-priced real estate in LA. But all that tacky showbiz new money out west is always itching to be in front of a camera, right? Not so in New York, where society fixtures (well, the real ones) prefer tasteful, opulent anonymity.

    But hey, Manhattan home prices are down between 15 and 22% from their 2008 peak (all the way back to still-obscene 2005 levels), so agents might as well advertise available properties to the biggest audience possible.

    The show will follow two agencies: uptown's Gumley Haft Kleier (led by Michelle Kleier and her daughters Samantha and Sabrina) and the Core Group, which sells luxe downtown pads to old wealthy people under the illusion they're too hip for Park Avenue.

    Even, gasp, Brooklyn will make the cut for HGTV series. According to Curbed, the Kings County "will not escape unscathed."

    Will any of us?