Alexis Neiers Brought The "Pretty Wild" Cast Together For A Reunion Podcast

by Millie Moore · March 14, 2019

    With the Vanderpump Rules cast recycling the same storylines over and over again and The Bachelor essentially turning into America's Next Top Influencer, we have no choice but to turn to reality show reunions. However, I'm pretty positive that The Hills reunion is just as much of a ploy to Make Reality TV Great Again as it is a ploy to have Mischa Barton and Ryan Cabrera stop collecting unemployment checks. So it makes total sense that Pretty Wild is following suit and dropping a reunion "episode" themselves.

    Like every other millennial, Pretty Wild's main riotmaker Alexis Neiers now has a podcast. Unlike every other millennial with a podcast, however, Alexis isn't using it as a forum to cultivate an "empire" that consists of selling FabFitFun boxes and a line of t-shirts emblazoned with derivative slogans. Thank God. She has instead followed a more noble path by creating a space to talk about addiction and for her guests to talk about obstacles they've overcome. I honestly never thought I would use a reality star's name and "followed a more noble path" in the same sentence, but there's a first time for everything. 

    Much like Pretty Wild's first episode starting with a bang (with Alexis getting arrested and all), Alexis has started her podcast with a bang by orchestrating a Pretty Wild reunion. I guess old habits die hard. From the clips that have been released by Us Weekly, it's apparent these girls have learned more in the past decade than they ever learned from creating vision boards and doing flower essence work and passing it off as a legit high school education. They seem pretty self-aware now and have evolved a lot. I would say Jax Taylor and James Kennedy should take notes and haul ass to therapy, but we all know that would just result in a show that's just an informercial for Lisa Vanderpump's restaurants and a hobby for Lala to bide her time with until she marries a multimillionaire. So maybe those guys should just download a meditation app, get a tattoo of a Buddhist symbol that they don't know the meaning of, and call it a day.  

    I honestly want to see a redemption tour of my favorite three sisters (no offense to the Kardashians. Or my own family of three sisters, for that matter). I have long maintained that behind every great reality star is toxic decision-making, but here I'll make an exception to the rule. If Lindsay Lohan gets a redemption reality show even though she really hasn't done much to redeem herself, Pretty Wild deserves one too as long as they use "A Little Bit Alexis" as the theme song.

    Listen to the podcast reunion HERE!

    [Photo via Pretty Wild, Recovering From Reality]