Strife Imitating Art: Seinfeld's Parking Woes

by BILLY GRAY · February 26, 2010

    The NYPD is looking into allegations that Jerry Seinfeld's driver illegally used an expired police placard to score a sweet parking spot up in Hell's Kitchen. Sounds like a zany Seinfeld subplot, right? Alas, it had more to do with the funnyman's endlessly promoted The Marriage Ref.

    Timothy Gallagher, former narcotics cop and current celebrity chauffeur (the man just can't get away from drug dens) slapped an old Bronx police placard on Seinfeld's car window to nab a spot in front of NBC's West Side studio. Because Jerry Seinfeld will not tolerate a two-block slog, thank you very much.

    Some intrepid reporter noticed the shady permit and, oddly, tried to get the scoop from Mike Bloomberg. Said our everlasting mayor:

    "I have absolutely no idea."

    Reports have yet to emerge of a spastic dancing Elaine, portly postman or testes shrunken by the February cold appearing on the scene to complete the sitcom-y picture.