Terry Schappert...An "American Warrior"

by STEVEN EKEROVICH · March 19, 2009

    Terry Schappert just might be the ultimate American Warrior.  And now on the History Channel he's got his own show to share his experiences.  Terry gave 9 years of his life to the Green Berets and served pretty much everywhere the US had military interests.  Terry "retired" from the Berets to pursue an acting career.  While experiencing a nice level of success, 9/11 came along.  The event left Terry to ponder whether to remain an actor of to re-enlist and protect America from the new threat that had arisen.  Terry returned to the Berets and served three tours in Iraq Then came a message from his agency.. would he like to make an audition tape for a new History Channel Show?  Terry threw together a home made version and sent it off.  The History Channel knew they had "their man."  For a Warrior like Terry the assignment would be a bit of a fantasy.  Terry now travels the World and assimilates in traditional and unique fighting cultures to learn their most deadly "martial art."  If it's Scandinavia (Terry's next show), Terry gets in the mindset of the people who still understand Viking fighting techniques to learn "What makes a Viking a Viking ".  Perhaps Terry best summed the new show as he said " When I tell the Story of the Zulu .. I'm telling 'my story.'"