Inside All Of Bridgerton's Most Fabulous, Fantastical Fashions

by Christie Grimm · December 28, 2020

What were you even doing if you didn't spend this past weekend just melting away in front of your tv for hours watching Netflix's new drama Bridgerton? Equal parts Jane Austen and Gossip Girl, what more could you want? And I'm not going to lie to you - the narratives are meh. The actors are good. The sets are gorgeous. But the real star of the overnight hit that makes it so enchanting? The costumes!

No eligible girl in the Regency era society would have been caught dead sporting the same frock twice. I mean, can you imagine? But still, the fact that costume designer Ellen Mijornick created, sourced and managed around 7,500 costume pieces is nuts!

So whose fashion stood out the most in this fictional fantasy for the eyes?

The Featherington family definitely wins the "Most Interesting To Look At" award. These girls are all about a bright pink, yellow and orange and anything floral. Or, to be more accurate, their mother is. No question who wears the corset in this family! 

Maximalism at its most delightfully gaudy. 

And Penelope's necklace game? Perfection.

Next we must discuss the actual Queen of the scene - Queen Charlotte. This monarch's penchants for extraordinary wigs, and over-the-top regal looks is enough to hold down a show for this character alone.

I would say that the Bridgerton family is like the palette cleanser of the show. They're all beautiful, classic, and let's be real here - a little bit boring. I mean, yes they're probably wearing the outfits you'd be most likely to sport if you had to pick, but how fun is that?

Like, live a little Daphne! You're the belle of the social season!

For me, Lady Danbury felt the most straight-out-of-a-Disney-fairytale character for me. 

How boss is that collar?!

And lastly, we have to throw an honorable fashion mention to everyone's favorite girl to hate with a serious penchant for headgear, Cressida! Can you imagine how much time that poor girl spent getting ready to impress the Prince and then plain old Daphne just walks in and steals him right from under her?

[Photos via Netflix]