The Royal Wedding Movie Drinking Game

by Mara Siegler · April 18, 2011

    Chances are your invitation to the Royal Wedding got lost in the mail, but that doesn't mean you can't be a part of the ceremony from the comfort of your own home. Tonight the "William & Kate" TV movie will be on. Here's a perfect drinking game for the occasion because really, you can not be expected to watch this thing sober! Cheers!-

    Chiara Atik over at luckily has those of us who have been avoiding the onslaught of Kate and Wills related news covered when it comes to things that are important/likely to happen. Those of us who know every detail, are sure to enjoy as well. Here's a sample:

    When Kate cries WHILE DRINKING WINE IN A BATH SURROUNDED BY CANDLES, take a fortifying shot, cause, come on, pull yourself together, woman! (Yes, this happens! Guaranteed drink.)

    Anytime Prince William introduces himself or refers to himself as "William Wales," take a drink.

    Every time someone mentions or alludes to Princess Diana, take a sip.

    Every time the cover of a newspaper or tabloid is shown, take a sip.

    Anytime Harry comes onscreen and completely upstages his brother, take a shot, cause at least they made something accurate.

    There are a ton more, plus drinks and even a bonus round for those of you with an inhuman tolerance level. Take a look HERE. Long live the drinking game! Let's get pissed!