"Whatever Martha" Proves That Martha Stewart DOES In Fact Have A Sense Of Humor

by ERIC SPEAR · September 12, 2008

    Martha StewartTuesday night, on the rooftop bar of the Empire Hotel in Lincoln Center, Martha Stewart proclaimed to the small gathering of people that she DOES in fact have a sense of humor. Why? Her daughter Alexis Stewart and friend Jennifer Koppelman Hutt are launching their new show "Whatever, Martha" on the Fine Living Network beginning on September 16th. These two HILARIOUS girls voice over archived Martha Stewart shows with witty banter making fun of not just the guests, but Martha herself. The two girls have plenty of practice as they currently have a talk show on Sirius Satellite Radio called "Whatever with Alexis and Jennifer."

    Martha told the audience that they were inspired by her favorite show "Mystery Science Theatre 3000," and said

    "We are always looking for inventive ways to use our fantastic library, and this show seemed to be the perfect was to contemporize our content, reach a younger viewer, and keep our promise to entertain viewers while they learn."

    Thankfully a copy of the fist show was included in our gift bag and I couldn't resist popping it in last night when I got home. I have to say, it is HILARIOUS!! Quotes like

    "who needs family and friends when you have twine,"


    "if I'm gonna be drilling, it ain't into a kernel of corn"

    are laugh out loud funny in context. Check it out.